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Educational effects 0
Etiquettes of supplication 0
Ramadān as a golden opportunity 0
Attention to supplication 0
Choosing the correct path and divine approval 0
Recounting the blessings of God 0
The need to reflect on the blessings of God 0
2. Religious duties as divine blessings 0
Man’s arrogance and indifference to God 0
Love and affection as a product of gnosis [ma‘rifah] 0
Hope and reliance on God 0
Imām ‘Alī’s (‘a) saying about pinning one’s hope on God 0
Waiting for the advent of Imām al-Mahdī (‘atfs) 0
The Apostle (s) and the Imāms (‘a) with the most valuable blessings 0
The Supplication of Abū Hamzah al-Thumālī 0
Paying attention to the Attributes of Allah at the time of supplication 0
Being in the Divine Presence as higher than worship of the common man 0
Fear and hope as a requisite of faith 0
Perfect expression of the state of fear and hope in Imām al-Sajjād (‘a) 0
Remembrance of Allah 0
The essence of Allah’s remembrance 0
Some features of the heart 0
Different degrees of the remembrance of Allah 0
The reason behind man’s negligence of the hereafter 0
The value of faith 0
1. Certainty 0
Supplication of the righteous 0
The best worship 0
Purpose of creation according to the Qur’an 0
Turning evil and defects into good and merits 0
The holiness of certain places and periods in the Qur’an 0
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بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

In the Name of Allah,
the All-beneficent, the All-merciful



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